AaHaa The Adam and Hollee Are Awesome Podcast!

August 29, 2017  

Adam quizzes Hollee and special guest Amanda. Grab a pen and paper and play along!

August 22, 2017  

Hollee saw a solar eclipse and Adam went geocaching.  We are both tired.

August 14, 2017  

Adam and Hollee went on vacation and so they tell you about it.

August 9, 2017  

Hollee talks about Michael Jackson for eight minutes straight while Adam tries to stay sane. Also we eat penut butter and talk about the Dark Tower and Magic cards.

August 8, 2017  

Quick apology for not posting, in the hopes you will all forgive us.

August 1, 2017  

Hollee and Adam finally solve the mystery of LOST on air!  We also eat dinosaurs for a snack and talk about faerie shootings.


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