AaHaa The Adam and Hollee Are Awesome Podcast!

May 29, 2011  

Adam and Hollee discuss the finer points of Pokemon and torture porn.

May 22, 2011  

Adam and Hollee are once again joined by special guest Corey Karber for an episode bursting at the seams with talk of video games.

May 15, 2011  

Adam and Hollee talk about foreigners, food, the host's birthday, and a contest! Seriously, a contest. We're in the big leagues now.

May 8, 2011  

Adam and Hollee talk about apartments, birds, dreams, and the ramifications of an egg-laying human population. We also establish that we are, in fact, different (but awesome) people.

May 1, 2011  

Adam and Hollee enjoy another special guest: Hollee's twin sister, Amanda! We see how well they REALLY know each other.


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