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April 24, 2011  

Adam and Hollee talk about large amounts of water, the alphabet of little monsters that fit in your pocket, and some rock band from almost half a century ago.

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A is for Abra, he always runs away.

B is for Bulbasaur, he might like to play.

C is for Chansey, she likes to help out.

D is for Diglett, who hides under the ground.

E is for Empoleon. He likes to stay cool.

F is for Flaafy, who’s covered in wool.

G is for Glalie. He’s made out of ice!

H is for Hoothoot. She comes out at night. I is for Ivysaur, Bulbasaur’s brother.

J is for Jigglypuff, who sings like no other.

K is for Kecleon. He really blends in!

L is for Lapras, she can swim, swim, and swim.

M is for Magikarp, who really only splashes.

N is for Ninetales, who turns baddies to ashes.

O is for Onix, he’s really quite rocky.

P is for Pikachu. (I hear he likes Pocky.)

Q is for Quagsire. He’s happy and wet.

R is for Rapidash. She’s as fast as they get.

S is for Snorlax. He might take a nap.

T is for Tangela, who looks good in a hat.

U is for Unown, who’s really quite mysterious.

V is for Venonat, who’s unfailingly curious.

W is for Wobuffett. Sometimes he’s naughty.

X is for Xatu. She’s stoic and haughty

Y is for Yanma, your dragonfly friend.

Z is for Zubat. Nobody loves him.

April 17, 2011  

Adam and Hollee have a fooderrific rant.

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April 10, 2011  

Adam, Hollee, and Corey talk about Comic Books, The Face of Boe, Nerds, Dorks, Geeks, Puzzles, Epic-ness, and more.

April 3, 2011  

Adam and Hollee entertain special guest Corey Karber! with whom they discuss Pokemon, the food industry, and a wicked tv return story.


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